How a Complicated Diet Simplified My Life

Why It Took Me 2 1/2 Years to Start AIP This is why the AIP diet was not at first appealing to me.  Food is not all that interesting to me.  In fact, I find every aspect of food as little more than a chore.  I don't like thinking about what to eat, shopping for the...

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How to Love a Person with a Chronic Illness

Everything I learned about loving a person with a chronic illness , I learned from my husband. I know I have been very fortunate in this way. Despite the vows, one can never be 100% sure how their partner will react when a spouse suddenly is diagnosed with something...

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AIP Weeks Five and Six

Testing the Boundaries In the beginning of going AIP, I debated over and over in my mind as to which food I would introduce first.  Some days I'd think chocolate would have to be it and others, I would feel less cravings and more practical and pick eggs.  As the weeks...

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In Memory of Fera

I try to keep an overall theme on my blog of positivity and silver linings, even in the face of difficult challenges.  However, there is a reality to this disease and a reminder of what this fight is all about.  I have determined that I'm partly responsible for...

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Relatively Unscathed Relaunched!

I’m  excited to explore this amazing new platform. I will use this space to continue to share my personal journey, write articles about life with a chronic illness and discuss the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol diet. All news about upcoming and ongoing business ventures...

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AIP Elimination Week 1

Well, this is certainly the strictest diet I've ever been on, but thanks to my food angel...not yet the most painful one.  The week got off to a rocky start due to a stomach bug I caught the night before I was to begin.  Thankfully the worst was only one night and the...

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