First 100% Paleo AIP Compliant Online Grocery Store

Wise Resources to Shop AIP is an upcoming online grocery store for folks adhering to a healthy, but strict diet. All of our more than 500 products will be AIP compliant. That means those eating Paleo or Whole 30 will also be able to shop here stress-free. Anyone suffering from common food allergies will also feel at home at ShopAIP.

This is one of the three companies I have been diligently working on. This is the idea my husband suggested to me one day last February. This Thursday I will be flying to Austin, TX to participate in the largest gathering of Paleo professionals and diet followers at Paleo f(x) and that includes my segment of their population of AIPers. I am so excited that this site is ready to show off what is coming in just a few short months.

Please share, you never know who might need us in your circle

While I’m building my product list and solving the intricate logistical issues that a store like this presents, I encourage you all to start spreading the news about the store’s arrival. It will be the first of its kind – ever!

NOW UNTIL WE LAUNCH, FOR EVERY $100 OF GIFT CERTIFICATES YOU BUY, I WILL SEND YOU AN ADDITIONAL $5! Please help support our launch by pre-purchasing through our gift certificate program!

Follow us and send us your submissions!

You can follow us here on facebook. We also have a new Instagram account here. If there are any AIPers out there that make and photograph delicious food that you’d like shared on our instagram account (which connects to our website as well) please send them to me. You can sign up for the newsletter directly on the website. We are looking for blog post submissions for the website. It could be articles, recipes, personal stories or tips. We’d love to feature our customers on the page.


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