Paleo AIP Symtom Improvements

Life continued to get better and better during week three. My energy level rose and was maintained throughout the day. I was about 90% free of arthritis pain.  With pain and fatigue subsiding, it was amazing how much clearer and quicker my mind functioned.

Post ER Trip

The chest pains that sent me reeling and into the ER were very reminiscent of last year’s months-long bout with pericarditis.  This time it all went away in a few days and has not returned at all. Was it this new diet that kept that pain from reoccurring? I’ll never know for sure, but I can’t imagine that it doesn’t get any of the credit. 

AIP Gives a New Lease on Life – Week Four

At the time I started this diet, and my article, 5 Things People Wouldn’t Guess About Life with My Disease was published by The Mighty*, I had decided that I would revamp this blog site, as I’d been thinking of doing for some months now. I also started formulating and preparing to create a new coaching business.

I plan to coach others on how to become a great patient advocate for themselves or a family member by:

  • navigating the healthcare system
  • researching information and resources
  • preparing for appointments
  • requesting orders (without pissing off your doctor)
  • creating a personal medical record

I decided that the blog and the coaching would be an excellent way for me to get back into working.  I could be in control of how fast or how slow it is grown.  If I was feeling relatively well, I could take on more clients and write more articles/posts.  If I was having a hard time, I could slow down on my writing and taper off clients.

New AIP Venture

However, I pointed out an issue I was having with the AIP diet to my husband. In turn, he pointed out that I should solve this particular issue. (I’m being vague on purpose.)

From the second the words came out of his mouth I knew he was 100% correct. I should and I could solve this issue, not just for me, but for the thousands of others following this diet. And from that moment forward I have been working towards making that solution become a reality.

I can’t wait to share this vision and this solution with everyone. As soon as the time is right, it will launch and be announced in as many places as I can manage**. Stay tuned for more info, but I can tell you that I am so very excited and passionate about what is to come.


This blog and the coaching will not be left behind. This new AIP venture will be in addition to the other things, not in place of them.  And if it wasn’t for the AIP diet, I never would have had the energy and clarity of mind to even attempt to pull this off.  

*Articles published by The Mighty can be found here:

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