I would like to take a moment and step back into time before moving forward from my grief of my dear friend, Jason, and continue my blog with stories of our recent Disneyland trip, my family’s visit to our home and my upcoming medical procedures and tests. So I hope you will indulge me for just a few minutes as I reflect on a place that gave me great peace in my heart one Sunday afternoon.

2 Septiembre 2001 Domingo

Machu Picchu, Peru

Photos are almost meaningless and television does not inspire the mystical energies of the world. This is why I travel.

Many times I have been confronted with the fact that nature and man have powers beyond my comprehension. Today, this fact has been shown to me in the form of Machu Picchu, a place where both nature and man are at their best. —a place where they have come together in perfect harmony – a place so grand in style, structure, forethought and beauty that the ones who have come before me seem to have remained to fill my heart with love and beauty and, yes, even “god” as some may call it.

I breathe in the air and it seems to take me away to another place – another time. If only the Incas were here to tell the tale of this magical place. Instead, we peripatetically seek our own answers – draw our own personal conclusions as to how this might fit into the “big picture”. Perhaps it doesn’t.

machu picchu

Perhaps it’s just yet another speck of dust created by self-serving humans. But isn’t that all we are anyway? Even if this was for the purpose of the gods – it certainly isn’t for the gods’ enjoyment. It could be so our children will not fall ill, our aching bellies will be fed, our old will die in peace. I don’t know if happiness could feel more pure – more innocent – as it does right now.

I wish I could spend my days writing here – here alone in a room forgotten and re-discovered – a room filled with history unknown. Maybe then I could release my own private history and at the end of the day feel only warmth and goodness. These stone walls are strangely capable of providing the kind of safety and security we humans yearn for from birth until our lonely death.

As people pass me by, I am reminded that I am not in a sacred place of my own – but a mere tourist attraction. I snap back for a brief moment to the realities of my life. But as they leave my sight, they also quickly fade away from my memory and I can once again reunite with the living spirits of this place.

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