Some of you are aware that mere weeks after my diagnosis my family was supposed to have taken a Disney World trip of a lifetime. I’d spent nine months planning the details. I will be forever grateful I bought the insurance.Honestly when I bought it my health was NOT even a thought in my mind as one of the possible reasons we might have to cancel.

I’m now planning version two of that trip. Since we are now living on the west coast…we’ll be planning our trip to Disneyland instead. I’ve planned it for this summer, a week that encompasses both my 10 year anniversary to my awesome husband and our oldest daughter’s seventh birthday. My husband has a good friend that lives in the area….and as of this month…I too have a good friend that recently moved back to that very area. Since Disneyland isn’t as big as Disney World….we’ll have time to visit Legoland and Universal Studios (Hogwarts is soon opening and my kids (and husband) are fans!).

One big addition to this trip is that I’m planning on renting one of those electric motorized scooter things. Although I’ve somewhat been known for my ability to keep moving, even during all this, I have to be realistic. What many people don’t see is my down time each day or even my numerous down days after having one particularly big one. I’m sure I could walk around Disneyland for a day….but I’m afraid that doing so would knock me on my ass for the rest of the vacation. This is a hard fact to come to grips with and to just put into place the things that I will need to help ensure I will be able to do and see all that I would like with my family.


So…where’s the Silver Lining??? Well…in the lines of course! Even though the Disney company had to change some of their rules when it came to how they treated their disabled guests…due to the NYC socialites paying disabled folks to vacation with them….they still do a very good job to accommodate those that would have trouble waiting in long lines. Lines are for sure a thing of my past. I went to, and left, the post office several times during the holiday season due to my inability to stand in one for long periods…and that was inside…not even out in the sun, which will make matters even more difficult for me.

So, like my handicap placard, my family and I will reap the benefit of my situation and they will have the opportunity to do things faster than they would have prior to this mess. And honestly, sometimes it is relatively small gestures like these that make a grand trip like this even feel like it is possible. For sure if an allowance like this wasn’t made, we would not be going. So I send out my many thanks to Disney and all other companies, and the other visitors of those places, that graciously show a little deference to those of us that need a little help along the way.

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