Hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since I started this blog. Thanks for caring or being interested enough to continue to read it. This NYE was the first time my husband and I have been out to celebrate since it turned 2008. After that I was either pregnant or caring for a baby or two (or three). Most of those years I probably didn’t even make it to midnight.

This NYE was an epic dance party with lots of friends and even some family. I danced the night away with oxygen breaks in between. It was so great to feel so alive. I’m very happy I got to have this night.

It will likely be the last one I have of that magnitude. There is something to be said for at least getting the opportunity to get a last time. And considering I thought the last time was December of 2014 when I ended up in the ER after a night out, I got a couple “last nights.” I thought I solved some of the issues I had with that night. Unfortunately, there are more issues to be had. And although I enjoyed the night….the recovery is so much and takes so long that I can’t imagine deciding it would be a good idea again.


We shall see how far my memory will take me in the coming year(s).

Now that I am relatively stable in my condition, I’d like to do some other things with this blog as I had first intended on doing when I started it. So I’ve come up with somewhat of a template of what you will see this coming year:

  • Medical Mondays – Cause you know…there will still be updates
  • Travel Tuesdays – Any travel related stories I decide to write about
  • WTF Wednesdays – This is a day I am allowed to complain
  • Throwback Thursdays – Could be any story or pics about my life
  • Future Friday – Short and Long term goals as well as some hopes and dreams
  • Silver Lining Saturdays – Gratitude is essential in my book

I obviously won’t be posting six days a week, but I was hoping an outline would help jumpstart a new direction for the blog in its second year. I hope all had a very happy holiday season – wishing you all the happiest of new years! I hope all had a very happy holiday season – wishing you all the happiest of new years!

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